A.C.E. Educator

Grow your brand with Akzentz and diversify your income stream with this unique certification course.  This rigorous 3 day course  prepares you with the techniques and skills to become a world renowned Akzentz A.C.E. Educator.  Class focus is on education methods, step by step class structure, team building and leadership, advertising and self-promotion training,  as well as in depth product knowledge.  To enroll in the A.C.E. Educator Certification class, nail technicians will have successfully completed Luxio Certification, Options Certification, and Pro-Formance Certification. Upon successful completion A.C.E. Educators will receive a framed diploma, a listing on the Akzentz website, a gift pack from Akzentz as well an introduction on Akzentz social media sites and access to the #TeamAkzentz community.  Educators will become part of an exclusive group and will receive various perks as well as recognition throughout the world and the ability to teach Akzentz Certification Classes, compete under the #TeamAkzentz umbrella, and attend the Akzentz A.C.E. Summit.